Pre-screen your clients

Use the appropriate Quick Quote Questionnaire to obtain the most important details regarding your client’s medical history, avocations or any other underwriting issues. Then let PIPAC Life Brokerage shop the casefor competitive quotes. We know where to go and how to present a case to our carriers so that we obtain the best offers for your clients.

Alcohol and Drug



Business Insurance


Chest Pain

Confidential Personal Fiancial

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Angioplasty and/or Stent Placement

Coronary Bypass



Driving - MVR

Foreign Residence/Travel

Heart Attack

Heart Conditions


Mountain, Rock or Ice Climbing


Preferred Risk

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What is XRAE?

XRAE is a web-based field underwriting toolto give our producers the underwriting expertise that will enable themto ask all the right questions of their clients, submit the cases electronically for evaluation, track quick-quote cases and the communications related to them, and receive rapid responses from PIPAC.

  • XRAE allows you to search against the proprietary underwriting rules of multiple carriers with one click.
  • XRAE is the first multi-carrier field underwriting, pricing, and quick-quote management tool in the industry built for the brokerage general agencies.
  • XRAE does what no human being can – perfectly evaluate over 100,000 specific underwriting rules based on over 600 potential questions in less than a second to determine the “best case” underwriting classification at each XRAE Partner Carrier.
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